Equitable Justice & International Peacebuilding

Experiential Learning in Peacebuilding: Preparation Is Essential

Phoebe Milliken, Director of HIU’s MA in International Peacebuilding, isn’t a fan of throwing her students into the deep end. Learn more about her preparation-focused experiential learning approach.

experiential learning in peacebuilding
Equitable Justice & International Peacebuilding

Key Elements of Experiential Learning: What It Is and How It Happens

Anywhere can be a classroom for experiential educators like HIU’s Director of MA in International Peacebuilding Phoebe Milliken, who once taught a class in a gas station. Learn more about her key elements for effective experiential learning programs.

key elements of experiential learning in international peacebuilding
Spirituality & the Journey to Faith

Representing the Spirit of Inclusivity: The 4th Campus of Hartford International University

Buildings make a statement that can affect how people perceive themselves, as well as each other. Here’s how Hartford International got to its 4th–and current–campus and how it represents the spirit of inclusivity there.

Spirituality & the Journey to Faith

Swimming in Beauty: Lessons on Eco-Spirituality from a day at the Farmington River

A few weeks ago, on a hot day in early June, I dove into the Farmington River in Collinsville, CT, a small town outside Hartford. I was there with a group of international students and…

lessons on ecospirituality