Interfaith & Interreligious Dialogue

Changing U.S. Demographics and the Impact on Interfaith Dialogue

We’ve changed as a nation – that’s very clear. Though Protestant Christians are still the single largest religious group, the Pew Research Center measured their share of the population as 40 percent of all Americans…

impact of changing demographics on interfaith dialogue
Building Interfaith Communities

Handshakes and hand gestures: What they mean in different cultures and how they can build interfaith understanding

In our globalized age, understanding other cultures is more important than ever. While handshakes and hand gestures can seem ordinary, they can have a great impact, especially in negotiations, contracts, and solving misunderstandings. Handshakes and…

how handshakes and gestures can build interfaith understanding
Building Interfaith Communities

The Importance of Interreligious Exposure: Blessing Someone’s Religious Practice from a Place of Knowledge and Empathy

Before I came to America, my interreligious experience was limited by the lack of cultural diversity in my home country of Peru. There, I had only been exposed to different branches of Christianity.  When I…

importance of interreligious exposure
Building Interfaith Communities

Peacebuilding Practices: Part 3 – Understanding, Not Persuasion: Interfaith Dialogue for Contentious Topics

Welcome to Part Three of our series on peacebuilding practices at Hartford International University for Religion and Peace. Like the posts on Relational Space and Paraphrasing, this one begins with a friendship, and like those…

reflective structured dialogue for interfaith cooperation