Learn about Active Listening and Trauma-Informed Approaches to World Events

In response to the complex world events of the last few months, Continuing and Professional Education at Hartford International University created two webinars that address how we talk to each other about difficult and nuanced issues.

Active Listening in Divisive Times Webinar“Active Listening in Divisive Times” addresses how conversations about world events with friends, neighbors, or colleagues with different views can be challenging and strain relationships. Active listening can help, but it takes time and energy. Learn about what active listening entails and why it is worth putting forth that effort.

A Trauma-Informed Approach to Conversations about World Event Webinar

“A Trauma-Informed Approach to Conversations about World Events” looks at how trauma can be a factor in our reaction to news of violence in the world around us. We discuss what trauma actually is, how to recognize it, and how to respond appropriately.

Both webinars offer a glimpse into the kind of training that students receive in various HIU programs. Learn more about our academic programs at this link.

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As a pioneering, interreligious, international university, Hartford International has helped thousands of people find peace within, and many thousands more find peace with each other. At HIU, we engage in robust religious studies, including a Master of Arts in Interreligious Studies, and meaningful interfaith dialogue to deepen our beliefs, respect our differences, and help bring peace to the world.