Month: June 2021

Religious Pluralism & Religion in the Modern World

Discussions for Peacebuilding: Peace, Justice and Violence in Sacred Texts

Discussions build interfaith understanding At Hartford Seminary, students engage in interfaith dialogue on a regular basis. Sometimes this means having difficult discussions about conflicts and events that have happened to and within different faith communities…

interfaith discussions for peacebuilding

The Role of Faith in Times of Crisis: American Attitudes Toward Religion During the Pandemic

In times of crisis and uncertainty, it’s not uncommon for people to reach for sources of comfort, security, and support. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, for many people in countries hit particularly…

how faith changes in times of crisis
Building Interfaith Communities

Why Develop an Interreligious Mindset?

As a Christian, my schools and employers have always acknowledged my major religious holidays with days off and celebrations. As part of the religious majority, I was oblivious to others’ religious observances and practices.  Looking…

developing an interreligious mindset
Building Interfaith Communities

Praying with the Other: A Reflection on Community Prayer at Hartford Seminary

One of my earliest memories in elementary school is the prayer that all students recited at the very beginning of the day. This was in Indonesia, where I grew up. I cannot remember the exact…

building interfaith community through multifaith prayer