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The Blessing of a Rare Confluence of Religious Observances

As we begin this week, and in reflecting upon the Palm Sunday service our family attended last weekend, I am reminded that we are in a special moment. This year our three Abrahamic families –…

confluence of religious observances for Abrahamic faiths
Interfaith & Interreligious Dialogue

6 Non-Religious Career Paths for Interreligious Studies Graduates

Students with an interreligious foundation hone skills in critical thinking and empathy that make them uniquely qualified for non-religious careers across industries where they can make a difference.

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Interfaith & Interreligious Dialogue

Exploring the history of interfaith dialogue

In 1893, religious leaders from around the world met in Chicago for the World’s Parliament of Religions, which scholars and faith leaders today recognize as the origin of formal interreligious dialogue. While we credit this…

history of interfaith dialogue
Interfaith & Interreligious Dialogue

Why An Interfaith Dialogue on Climate Change is Important

Climate change is a crisis that will undoubtedly have serious repercussions far into the future. As a global crisis, it also is a crisis that touches and elicits different responses from people of different faiths….

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