Meaningful Non-Religious Career Paths in Interreligious Studies

Hartford International University for Religion and Peace alumni use their interfaith foundation to serve a higher purpose through meaningful careers beyond traditional religious paths.

Today’s diverse world places unparalleled value on being able to listen to neighbors, coworkers, and friends who hold different beliefs with open ears, hearts, and minds – which is why an interreligious foundation drives meaningful, impactful careers that go far beyond fields we typically associate with faith.

HIU degree programs boost emotional intelligence, cultural sensitivity, and critical thinking and helps you express complex ideas clearly, considerately, and persuasively. Combine these insights with interfaith dialogue and you’ll see that difficult conversations can lead to great things – even friendship – if you're humble, open-minded, and listen with tolerance, respect, and curiosity toward beliefs different from your own.

Hartford International graduates are applying these valuable and transferable skills to advance foreign policy, handle complex issues for news outlets, and launch social media advocacy campaigns.

Non-Religious Career Paths
in Interreligious Studies

An Interreligious Foundation Can Lead to Meaningful and Impactful Work That Goes Beyond Traditional Careers in Religion

The skills you’ll learn through interreligious and peace studies enable you to fulfill your calling to make a difference across industries as a professional who can embrace complexity, be curious, and reach beyond cultural and ideological divides.

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With an interreligious foundation, you gain the following skills that help you succeed in careers in many fields:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Empathy
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Tolerance
  • Curiosity
  • Active Listening
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Communicating Complexity
  • Persuasion
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Humility

A pioneer in interreligious and interfaith theological education – Hartford International University for Religion and Peace offers programs that focus on interfaith dialogue and understanding, including a Master of Arts in Interreligious Studies. Despite coming from different faith backgrounds, your interreligious studies peers share your curiosity, willingness to embrace complexity, and love for all of humanity. As you engage with one another, the message becomes clear: there’s strength in our differences.

While you, like many HIU alumni, can pursue more traditional paths in faith-based organizations and clergy roles, studying religion in a multi-faith classroom prepares you for careers that make the world a better place in many shapes and forms.

Whether it’s corporate diversity or international diplomacy – your empathetic nature, the skills you’ve honed in critical thinking, and the breadth and flexibility of your interreligious knowledge empowers you to define your calling and path to making a difference how you choose.