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Building Interfaith Communities Religious Pluralism & Religion in the Modern World

The Need for Discussing Religion in an Interfaith World

In a diverse society, debate is unavoidable. How do we discuss sensitive topics like religion openly, productively, and respectfully? There’s the old maxim of forbidden dinner table topics – right at the top, you’ll find…

discussing religion in an interfaith world
Building Interfaith Communities

Why Develop an Interreligious Mindset?

As a Christian, my schools and employers have always acknowledged my major religious holidays with days off and celebrations. As part of the religious majority, I was oblivious to others’ religious observances and practices.  Looking…

developing an interreligious mindset
Building Interfaith Communities

Praying with the Other: A Reflection on Community Prayer at Hartford Seminary

One of my earliest memories in elementary school is the prayer that all students recited at the very beginning of the day. This was in Indonesia, where I grew up. I cannot remember the exact…

building interfaith community through multifaith prayer
Building Interfaith Communities

Ramadan and How We Share its Lessons with Other Faiths

Hartford Seminary Professor Dr. Hossein Kamaly and Islamic Chaplaincy student Lauren Schreiber share experiences about Ramadan at the Taste of Ramadan Event, held by Muslim Coalition of Connecticut, committed to building bridges in the community.

Food being served at Taste of Ramadan interfaith event